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ArtTalk Linda Blount - September 2020
King Roo - That's Who!

King Roo
King Roo Sketch King Roo, the Final Painting
King Roo. Who? That’s right, you are looking at King Roo. Small, but mighty! A client commissioned me to paint her long haired chihuahua Roo’s portrait. Ok. Then she asked if I could add to the painting an additional portrait of Roo as a young pup.

After struggling with the concept of creating the two dogs in one painting, I came upon the idea of Roo in the foreground and pup Roo hanging in another painting on the wall. This idea seemed to work in the pencil sketch except each dog was looking out of the painting. So, I rearranged the composition with a pair of scissors! And now I’m ready for the brushes and canvas.




Brushwork complete! Presenting the final King Roo, which I am pleased to report is now at home with its very happy owner.

It's not always magic. Sometimes it's harder work than other times. But it's always a thrill to create something special.

ArtTalk Linda Blount - July 2020
Art is Her Focus Now

Linda Blount
“I believe each of us, from the beginning, has that innate yearning to create,” says Linda Blount. As a child, Linda was enthralled as she watched her mother form silhouettes from black construction paper. Encouraged to explore art, Linda began painting with paint by number sets and from those she learned about color, values, and the influence shading has on a work.

By middle and high school, however, art was no longer a priority. She majored in education in college, receiving her degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida. Linda married, had two sons and traveled extensively across the United States. Along the way, she taught in Florida and sold real estate in Florida and Virginia. After the birth of her first child, she finally turned back to art and began taking lessons. There was an older gentleman who lived on the St. John’s river in Florida, a historian actually, who taught art and inspired Linda anew to paint using oils. Later, in Pensacola, she studied with a watercolorist who would dip an entire fish in paint, then lay it on watercolor paper. Suddenly art had no boundaries!

The in between years saw her children grow and out on their own. Linda moved to North Carolina where she and her husband designed and built homes for several years, always nurturing that creative expression. They eventually moved to Gainesville, Georgia where Linda plunged into the art world and joined the art league, the visual arts center, and a local artisans group. She met several like-minded artists and began painting regularly. It was during Art in the Square, a yearly arts festival, that Linda sold her first painting. She was soon invited to join the local art gallery and began to feel she had the right to call herself an artist.

Upon moving to Savannah, Linda continued taking classes using acrylics as her preferred medium. She passes time during the pandemic on Zoom, connecting with and teaching art to her granddaughters. They’re learning about paper mache, as well as painting on rocks and canvas. Linda spends her free time exploring the outlying areas of Savannah, finding her niche while visiting Bethesda Farms and looking deep into the brown eyes of a cow she’s named Sweet Sapphire.

Art is her focus now, and Linda devotes time studying the planes of their faces, really looking into the eyes of the cows, goats, and chickens that demand her attention. She explains that there’s something special about the animals. The cows are so tranquil and peaceful. Their faces have character and she tries to exact that character into her works. She stands ankle deep in grasses and points across the fields towards a cow balefully calling across the distance. “You’re next,” she answers.

Why focus on animals, she’s asked. “Most of all,” Linda answers, “it makes me happy to tell their stories.”

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