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ArtTalk Vicki Collett - September 2020
A Snatch of Other-Worldliness

Survivor, Watercolor Winslow Homer has always led me to the mysteries of painting the tropics. His “vacationing Florida” watercolours give me a sense of wildness, of light within light, of palm fronds and water. With that in mind, it is hardly surprising that my own paintings veer towards the changing colours and lighting of the southern marshes, of the saw grasses and cabbage palms and any subject matter as long as it moves with water. To me, this subject matter is limitless and I have yet to find a palm tree I didn’t fall in love with.

For Winslow Homer, his brush captured all the fluidity of a tropical heat mirage – and you know, I like that. A snatch of other-worldliness. This is exactly the nature of nature which I strive to capture.

ArtTalk Vicki Collett - July 2020
You Make Choices How to Spend Your Life

Vicki Collett To hear Victoria May Collett tell it, she descends from a family of wayward Aussie artists. Her grandfather possessed an artistic gene which generationally passed to Vicki’s mother, then to her sister and herself. She studied art throughout school, and during a rash period of what could only be described as sensibility amok, she entered a four-year nursing program, studied midwifery, and finally trained as a surgical nurse. Vicki then traveled the world from Australia to the U.S. via Europe and ultimately landed in New York City as an operating room nurse. At that time she finally turned back to her first love, the formal study of art.

To say she is accomplished is less a depiction than to say she has passion for all things art. Vicki immersed herself in fine arts and has extensive training in watercolor, oil painting and print-making. She is also a published author who along the way made time for a Master of Arts degree in writing from Manhattanville College in New York. She and her writing colleague are about to have their third novel published, featuring, of course, the Georgia coastal island she calls home.

Vicki finds herself most at home in the south, where the marshes, hurricanes and the tropics abound, giving her the inspiration, movement and color she needs to, as she says, “blend her paintings with the wind”. The skies, the many moods of nature, the cyclical flow of marsh waters, the entirety inspires her. Vicki claims this coastal island as hers and she loves the wildness of it, though she acknowledges it is not truly her island at all. The island belongs to the life that abounds there, the marshes, the tides, the live oaks, pines, and magnolias each draped in Spanish moss, the deer and foxes racing across the lowlands, the sleepy eyed alligators watching over the lagoons and the multitude of bird life soaring above. These are to whom the island unconditionally belongs, and Vicki Collett feels privileged to share their space.

“You make choices how to spend your life,” Vicki says. “And I am grateful to spend it here, capturing nature’s palette, whether it be in watercolor on Arches 300 lb. paper, or through written word.” She ends the conversation with a flash of her glorious smile.

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