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ArtTalk Brenda Turner - September 2020
All Aboard!!

Godot I feel like Iím a passenger on an Art Train that is passing through my brain. It keeps making stops for me to get off and explore more images, more techniques, more compositional devices. The journey started mid-20th century and I remain mired there in my preferences for actual art objects. Iím not at all current. Iím traveling by train, not surfing the Internet.

After securing a MA in studio art from the University of Iowa, and writing an art history thesis, I segued into teaching for a few years. As life with three kids and a busy golf professional husband took over, I conducted silk screen printing workshops, took lithography classes, and began a seven year art business creating and selling thousands of golf prints. I paused to paint the Colorado outdoors and Savannah city scenes, and to draw, draw, draw the human figure.

Now I am a studio painter, inventing what I want. These experiences are ďall aboardĒ.

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