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Click on the ArtTalk Blog links to learn more about each of the talented artists of Galleria Fine Art. Read on as the artists muse on this grand topic called "ART" and discover what it means to each of them.

Check back often to read the newest ArtTalk Blog topics.

ArtTalk Cheryl Hardin
How the Writing Career Began, November 2020
How a Painting Evolves, October 2020
Galleria Fine Art's Mission, September 2020
Share Those Unfinished Unvarnished Musings, August 2020
How the Art Career Began, July 2020

ArtTalk Debbie Redden
Planning a Painting..., September 2020
Choosing Your Subject, August 2020
An Interview, July 2020

ArtTalk Vicki Collett
A Snatch of Other-Worldliness, September 2020
You Make Choices How to Spend Your Life, July 2020

ArtTalk Lydia Bishop
Encaustic - It's a Fabulous Medium, September 2020
Creating Art is a Privilege, July 2020

ArtTalk Linda Blount
King Roo, That's Who!, September 2020
Art is Her Focus Now, July 2020

ArtTalk Brenda Turner
All Aboard!!, September 2020

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