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Galleria Fine Art was established in 2020 as an active participant in the online art world to provide a platform for emerging as well as established artists. To make fine art more accessible, the Galleria showcases regional and nationally known artists whose original works are as diverse as their talents are exceptional. The Galleria artists were carefully selected for their stunning array of works.

This digital world offers an incredible tool for buying art, allowing people to purchase works they love without paying the prices of brick and mortar establishments. At Galleria Fine Art, we offer security and peace of mind by accepting payment through bank-to-bank transfer using Zelle Pay. We insure and ship artwork throughout the United States.

As we embrace today's new normal, we now serve our customers in a much safer way by providing local artwork showings and in-home delivery on approval. To view works in person, contact us for a private appointment and artwork showing.

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