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Where it all Begins
The Artists of Galleria Fine Art
Lydia Bishop and Her Acrylics and Encaustics
Linda Blount and Her Acrylics
Vicki Collett and Her Watercolors
Cheryl Hardin and Her Oils
Mark McKim and His Stained Glass and Mirrors
Tony Migliaccio and His Oils
Kathy Miller and Her Oils
Debbie Redden and Her Watercolors
Shirley Seguin and Her Oils
Brenda Turner and Her Mixed Media
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Details, also Known as Nuts and Bolts of It
The Artists Share in their ArtTalk Blogs
Cheryl Hardin, How a Painting Evolves, Still September 2020
Cheryl Hardin, Galleria Fine Art's Mission, September 2020
Cheryl Hardin, Share Those Musings, August 2020
Cheryl Hardin, How the Art Career Began, July 2020

Debbie Redden, Planning a Painting, September 2020
Debbie Redden, Choosing Your Subject, August 2020
Debbie Redden, An Interview, July 2020

Vicki Collett, A Snatch of Other-Worldliness, September 2020
Vicki Collett, You Make Choices How to Spend Your Life, July 2020

Lydia Bishop, Encaustic - It's a Fabulous Medium, September 2020
Lydia Bishop, Creating Art is a Privilege, August 2020

Linda Blount, King Roo - That's Who!, September 2020
Linda Blount, Art is Her Focus Now, August 2020

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